Local Business Esto Es México

Casa Vecino Blog recently sat down with Belén Sandoval Navarro, the owner of Esto es México. Her store recently moved a block closer to Casa Vecino relocating from their original location on the plaza across from El Espresso to another … Read More

Is Sayulita’s water safe?

The short answer to this question is yes, the ocean water in Sayulita is totally safe!  Saylulita’s water treatment plant was just upgraded and is under new management. A recent test of the water in Sayulita Bay showed levels  10 … Read More
The chachalaca is the state bird of Nayarit

Is there much wildlife to see in Sayulita?

Yes! Sayulita, as with many tropical coastal locations is home to countless flowers and other exotic plants (pitcher plants and other species of orchids can be found in the wild and in gardens in and around Sayulita). Some of the … Read More
Casa Vecino Sayulita Guest House

Hello World! Bienvenidos Casa Vecino Guesthouse!

My name is Gabriel Jones and I am one of the owner-operators of Casa Vecino Guesthouse.  This is my first blog, I wanted to introduce myself, our guesthouse, and let you know what to expect in future blogs. Thank you … Read More