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For digital nomads from all over the world, Sayulita is becoming more and more of an attractive location.  With a breathtaking environment, great outdoor activities, unparalleled surfing, great food, and a diverse social scene, Sayulita is a great place to live and work online.  Most people’s biggest concern about working online in Sayulita is the WIFI.  Is it fast and stable enough?  Where to find the fastest internet? How hard is it to get internet at home or on one’s phone? Here is the full guide to everything you need to know about WIFI in Sayulita and how to make the most of what’s available in 2020.

Coffee shop wifi in Sayulita

There are several cafes in town that provide decent WIFI and where you can hunker down and work for a while.  Sayulita generally gets a late start to the day and the Cafes will be less crowded in the morning hours from approximately 8 am to 10 am. 

Yah Yah Cafe has some of the best internet in town and lots of places to plug in next to the tables.  ChocoBanana and El Espresso are also popular spots and are centrally located around the plaza. 

Co-working spaces in Sayulita and nearby areas

Internet cafes with multiple computers charge about $20 MXN per hour if you are traveling without a computer. There are also computers available at Libreria Sayulita, the village’s local bookstore. The WIFI speed here is not the best, however.  If you are looking for lightning-fast internet, head to Sayulita Cowork.

Owned by Sayulita WiFi, it is one of the only places in Sayulita that offers a clean, professional, air conditioning work environment with fast, fiber optic internet. 

Photo / Sayulita Cowork

Common area

  • Day Pass Hot-Desk in common space – $13 USD/day
  • Weekly Hot-Desk in common space – $66 USD/week
  • Monthly Hot-Desk in common space (Calendar Month) – $131 USD/month

Dedicated Cube Spaces 

  • Daily Dedicated Desk – $21 USD/day
  • Weekly Dedicated Desk – $97 USD/week
  • Monthly Dedicated Desk(Calendar Month) – $184 USD/month
  • Private Single Cube – $209 USD/month (only 1 available)

Coworking Space to Create, San Pancho 

A ten-minute drive from Sayulita, the quiet town of San Pancho also has a coworking space that offers private desks, an air-conditioned environment, and reliable internet. It is less expensive and usually less crowded. 

San Pancho co-working space
  • 1 hour – $2.50 USD 
  • Day Pass – $12 USD
  • Weekly – $60 USD 
  • Monthly – $150 USD 

If you rent a desk for a week, or a month, you get a key and have 24-7 access to the space.

Mobile internet

You can have data on your phone and be able to access the internet at all times using your mobile device.  The speed is somewhat unstable, but as long as you have minutes on your phone, internet accessibility is consistent.  Telcel is the best carrier as they have the most towers and best coverage in this area. 

You do not need to wait in line at Telcel to switch over.  Simply head to the nearest Oxxo or Kiosko and buy a SIM card, here they call it a chip.  They can help you instal it in your phone and they will give you a new number.  Other than that, you will notice that nothing on your phone changes.  You can then buy a packet that includes internet, starting at 20 MXN and ranging to 500 MXN.  I have found that 100 pesos lasts me about a week, and I use the internet every day.

Getting wifi for your home in Sayulita

If you are staying at a hotel or hostel you will simply have to use the internet provided.  Hotelito de los Sueños, Casa Blanca, and Selina are some places that have consistent WIFI that is included with the cost of the room.  

Almost all Airbnb’s have WIFI.  However, this can be a gamble as the speed of the WIFI will vary greatly depending on what plan they have and how many people are on it.  You can always travel with your own router or, if you are renting via Airbnb for at least a month, ask if you can pay to upgrade the WIFI. 

If you are renting your own place, it is worth the investment to get an internet service installed that suits your needs.  If you need to be doing uploads, downloads, or video streaming, you will need at least 100 Megas, which translates to a download speed of about 10 mbps.


Telmex Infinitum is the most popular internet in Sayulita.  They will come to your house and instal WIFI and will bring you a router.  They have several packets starting at 20 Megas for $349 MXN a month.  These packages include antivirus. Here is a breakdown of their pricing:

  • 20 Megas……. $349 MXN per month
  • 30 Megas……..$399 MXN per month
  • 150 Megas.…..$549 MXN per month
  • 200 Megas……$899 MXN per month


Although Telcel is generally just for cel phones, they have a router called Alcatel that pulls internet from the cel towers.  This is a good option since often the Telmex network will get over saturated and crash, while Alacatel keeps running.  The internet speed is good as long as you are close to a cel tower and get good reception.  The only downside is that sometimes cel signal crashes leaving you without cel service or internet.  Their prices are comparable to those of Telmex.  Here is a quick breakdown:

75 GB……$299 MXN

  • 100 GB….$399 MXN
  • 150 GB….$599 MXN


Total play offers a more inclusive package with cable TV, a landline, and internet.  You can also have a satellite installed at your home for impeccable coverage. 

  • 20 Megas, plus TV, plus landline……..…$579 MXN
  • 40 Megas, plus TV, plus landline……..…$629 MXN
  • 80 Megas, plus TV, plus landline….……..$679 MXN
  • 150 Megas, plus 2 TVs, plus landline.….$899 MXN
  • 250 Megas, plus 3 TVs, plus landline…..$1,309 MXN
  • 500 Megas, plus 4 TVs, plus landline…..$1,829 MXN

Casa Vecino: your digital nomad accommodation in Sayulita

Casa Vecino is the only digital nomad accommodation in Sayulita. All units at Vecino are equipped with fiber optic wifi plus the spaces are good for people who are always on their computers.

Casa Vecino Sol Sayulita Beach House Rental
Casa Vecino Sol Sayulita Beach House Rental

You can opt to work in the rooftop with the view of the Sayulita main beach or simply lounge with your laptop by the pool. At Casa Vecino, you will never have to worry about Wifi in Sayulita!


  1. Surekha

    This is a great guide. Whenever I travel anywhere, I always check on the status of WiFi. I have to be online even when I’m on vacation, so it’s important to me.

  2. Emily Fata

    This is super important information to know for those who want to travel to Sayulita! Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Kuntala Bhattacharya

    The facilities and environment look great for digital nomads. Though I am not a digital nomad but I am a traveller and sometimes I need to work when I travel. Good place.

  4. Knycx journeying

    Bright, spacious with Wi-Fi. Would love to visit there to work, comment on other blogs and enjoy a cup of coffee 🙂
    Thank you. 🙂 Knycx Journeying

  5. Clarice

    It’s good that Sayulita has a coworking space that has a decent wifi connection. I think the rates are reasonable and happy to know that they offer daily, weekly and monthly rates. Thank you for the heads up regarding mobile internet. I usually rely on mobile data whenever we travel but it is good to know that there are other options available.

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