Sayulita may be a small town and there is a continuous rivalry of which is the best neighborhood. Originally, we only refer to the northern and southern neighborhoods but as Sayulita grows at a rapid rate, we felt the need to introduce you to Sayulita Niños Heroes neighborhood where Casa Vecino is located.

Niños Heroes is what the street is called but through the years, it has been a stable neighborhood brand. It’s a little busy as it’s a gateway to beaches like Carricitos and Patzcuarito. New hotels and restaurants pop out every month. In this post, we’d like for you to get to know where we are located so you’ll know how convenient our location is.

Sayulita Niños Heroes ATMs

There are no ATM machines on our street but Niños Heroes is just a few minutes away from the plaza where most ATMs are. Please note that ATM machines here are not really located in the banks. Even on the streets, you can find a lot of machines! There might be a charge of $5 USD per transaction but it really depends on your bank. Also, remember that there are ATM machines that only dispense US dollars. You need to check the sign before withdrawing.

Stores in Niños Heroes

Our favorite store is Camacho’s Mini Market which is located just at the beginning of Niños Heroes Street. This store almost sells everything – from beers to groceries. It has everything you need in case the bigger markets close. Camacho’s is usually open til midnight. There are also mini tiendas (the Spanish word for stores) all over Niños Heroes. Although they are not as big as Camacho’s, they surely have the basics.

Meat shops in Niños Heroes

Though we are not meat eaters, we get a lot of questions about meat shops from guests who wish to cook while staying with us (si, our units at Casa Vecino have fully equipped kitchens). You can also do a barbeque party at our pool side!

The closest meat shop to us is Carniceria El Tapatio. They have branches all over town and they’re quite sustainable in terms of the number of cows and chickens that they sell.

Fruit and vegetable market in Niños Heroes

The tiendas in Niños Heroes (including Camacho’s Mini Market) sell fruits and vegetables but their selection is limited. If you want a bigger store that is purely fruits and vegetables, our recommendation is Carolina’s which is just a 3-minute walk from Casa Vecino. In here, you will find all the fruits and vegetables you need.

Restaurant and cafes in Niños Heroes

You all know about Yah Yah Cafe which is probably our most popular neighbor because of their high-speed wifi. Yah Yah is the only cafe in our neighborhood for now but we guarantee you that this is the best in town. As you already know, we have the same WiFi connection with Yah Yah but it’s still good to check it out if you want to change your workspace.

These are the essential things you need to know about Sayulita Niños Heroes but if you feel like we need to add some more info, leave your questions in the comment box below and we will update this post!

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