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Tucked away behind ridges of thick green jungle, sits a tiny universe of color, movement, and ancient cultural heritage. From its colorful streets, to its spectacular sunsets, Sayulita is straight magic. Home to artists, travelers, and digital nomads from all over the world, Sayulita is a great place to work from your computer while enjoying a beautiful and healthy lifestyle. Many people who come for only a few days, choose this as a permanent location to stay and develop their projects.  

Right now is an especially apt time for digital nomads of all backgrounds to hunker down in a paradise town where COVID19 has had minimal impact, where living is affordable, and where you can find decent WIFI. Here are some basic things you should know if you are considering Sayulita as your home base for the next chapter of your journey.  

The digital nomad scene in Sayulita

More and more, Sayulita is becoming a popular destination for those living a digital nomad lifestyle.  Many graphic designers, photographers, and online teachers thrive here.  There are a handful of cafes with stable WIFI and also several co-workingcoworking spaces where you can rent a desk. 

About Sayulita

If you are considering Sayulita as a place to stay for several months, here are some quick facts about the town. 

  1. Diversity.  You will find people from all over the world working in all kinds of niches, especially in the digital nomad world.  The town has a hipster-surfer reputation but, the truth is, it also draws in an incredible amount of quirky and creative artists.  If you are a trailblazer, creative, or entrepreneur, you will find yourself surrounded by many like-minded and inspiring individuals.  The town has a friendly and peaceful vibe and an open-minded, and progressive culture. 
  2. Affordability.  It’s true, the cost of food and living in Sayulita is higher than in places like Guadalajara or Mexico City and the town is, overall, much more touristy with ‘gringo’ prices.  However, those accustomed to spending money on gas or transportation will find that, despite the food and rent costs being slightly higher than in other parts of Mexico, the fact that the town is laid out in such a way as to minimize the need for driving, makes a tremendous difference.  Coming from Guadalajara, I have found that I spend less money living on the coast than I did in the city due to this one fact.  Also, for digital nomads making dollars, the current conversion rate puts us at a great advantage, making our dollars go a very long way in Mexico. 
  3. Activities. Above all, Sayulita is known for its surfing.  With long, slow breaking, and beautifully surfable waves, this is a great place for beginners to learn and a safe spot for more advanced surfers to develop their tricks. People from all over the world come here for surfing and there are a plethora of surf shops and instructors.  There are also other water activities such as paddle boarding, snorkeling, scuba diving, and sailing.  If you are less of an aquatic person, Sayulita is also a great place for yoga, hiking, or cycling. 
  4. Food. Sayulita is the most diverse town in the region when it comes to food.  From gourmet food experiences, where deep-sea divers bring you your food from the ocean floor, to some of the world’s best-ranked BBQ, to affordable and delicious traditional Mexicanmexican food, Sayulita has a niche for every palette. 
  5. Beauty. To me, this is the first and foremost reason that this area of the world is worth living in.  Exquisite sunsets, beautiful weather, sparkling ocean, mysterious jungle, this place is full of so many beautiful scenes it’s hard to take it all in. For a lot of people who work on their computer, being able to go outside and decompress is essential. For that, you won’t find a better place. 

Wifi in Sayulita

Wifi in Sayulita is very hit or miss.  A lot of times, when the network gets saturated or there are too many users, it will crash.  Other times it is simply frustratingly slow.  If you have a flexible schedule, you can work around rush hours at cafes and cowork spaces.  In the morning before 10 am, the cafes are usually slow. Most cafes open between 7 am  and 8 am.  If you are an online teacher, or have an online gig with set hours, renting a desk at a co-workcowork space can be a good option.  The WIFI is dependable and you can get a key to the space and use it whenever you need to.  Or, you can get WIFI set up in your home.  Sayulita WIFI is the newest, fastest network in town. You can also get satellite WIFI, depending on your needs.  The average WIFI speed with Telmex is 10 mbps download. 

Sim cards in Sayulita

When you arrive in Mexico, your best bet with regards to your mobile device, is to get a sim card. You can do this at any Oxxo or Kiosko, and buy a package that comes with data and minutes.  I have found that 100 pesos lasts me about one week, and that the data allows me to access the internet quickly from almost anywhere in Sayulita. Apps such as Instagram eat up a lot of data, whereas Facebook doesn’t use as much. You can check in your settings to see how much data you have left as you use your device throughout your day.  You will have to switch to a Mexican number if you choose to get a sim card. However, the rest of your contacts and apps will remain unchanged.  Telcel is the best carrier and has the best service.

Cost of living in Sayulita

Cost of Living 

The current conversion rate is 22.36 MXN to one American dollar and it continues to climb.  This makes living in Sayulita incredibly inexpensive if you are earning dollars.  Here is a breakdown of average housing and food costs. 

where to eat in Sayulita


  • Basic lunch, $7 USD 
  • Local taco stand: $2 USD
  • 1 pound boneless chicken breast: $2.25 USD 
  • 1 quart of whole fat milk: $0.82 USD 
  • 12 eggs: $1.50 USD 
  • 2 pounds of tomatoes: $0.88 USD
  • 16 oz local cheese $3.85 USD 
  • 2 pounds apples $1.35 USD
  • 16 oz domestic beer $0.96 USD
  • 1 bottle of red wine, good quality $ 7 USD 
  • 2 liters of Coca Cola $1.22 USD 
  • Bread for 2 people for one day $1.14 USD 

In general, you will not save a tremendous amount of money by eating at home, as long as you eat out at averagely-prices restaurants. Some affordable and delicious places to eat are: 

  • Burrito Revolution: a vegetarian burrito costs $4.72 USD
  • Itacate: tacos start at $1.57 USD
  • Mary’s: my favorite jalapeño poppers costs $2.62 USD
  • La Rustica: a whole pizza costs $8.92 USD


Airbnb is a great option for those looking to stay a minimum of one month. If you know you are looking to stay for longer, you can save some money by signing a three or six-monthsix month contract. 

The Original Sayulita People Facebook group is a great resource for finding an apartment. You can post your housing needs and budget and renters in the community will reach out to you with options. You can also find housesitting gigs on here for people who own houses in Sayulita but only live here part-time.

Coworking spaces in Sayulita

Casa Vecino has fiber optic Internet, included in your stay

There is one coworking space in Sayulita, Sayulita Cowork. Owned by Sayulita WiFi, it is one of the only placesplace in Sayulita that offers a clean, professional, air conditioning work environment with fast, fiber optic internet. 

If you stay with Casa Vecino, you don’t really have to avail the co-work space because we have the same Wifi connection – you don’t have to pay extra!

Cafes with strong wifi

Yah Yah Cafe and Bagels 

Address: Niños Heroes #3, Centro, 63734 Sayulita

where to eat in Sayulita

This is the fastest internet in Sayulita and is a great place to get work done especially if you get here in the early hours of the day. There are indoor and outdoor seating areas and lots of plug ins close to the tables. There is also an upstairs area that they won’t bring food to but where you can hunker down for a while, undisturbed, and the air conditioning is a huge plus in the summer. 

They have lots of vegan and gluten-freegluten free options for food. Specializing in bagels, coffee, and breakfast/brunch, their menu is healthy and affordable. Food prices start at $4.20 USD while beverages range from $1.57 – $5 USD.


Address: Av Revolución 21B, 63734 Sayulita

where to eat in Sayulita

The internet is less reliable here but the menu can’t be beat and the outdoor setting is peaceful and relaxing. They don’t have AC, but the airy atmosphere is cool and refreshing, especially in the morning hours. The location is central and easy to find, they are located beside the bridge in the entrance of town. 

They are famous for their smoothies and bowls. They also have avocado toast and juices. Their bowls range from açaí to poke tuna bowl and their ingredients are fresh and delicious. Smoothie prices start at $4 USD while coffee is at $2.62 USD. Their bowls cost $5.25 USD.

Cristina Thomas is a staff writer at Sayulita Insider. She is a Mexican American who is currently pursuing her passion for writing and aerial silks. With a background in journalism, she loves finding new and exciting ways of telling the story behind the people and places she encounters. When she is not writing, she is training, teaching, and performing acrobatics and going on nature adventures with her dogs. Follow Cristina on Instagram: @aerialistcris


  1. Soumya Gayatri

    Sayulita seems like the perfect place to spend a digital nomad life with all that beauty, affordability and diversity. I am really keen because of the fact that Sayulita is also a great destination for food lovers. Food plays an important part in my life and productivity. And I am already dreaming of spending a month or two in Sayulita digging into some good Mexican food, watching a beautiful sunset, and typing away furiously. Bliss!

  2. Rina Nehdar

    Thank you for sharing this article about Sayulita! You have educated me about a place I have never considered to be a prime location to reside for digital nomads. The fact that there are numerous locations in which WiFi connection is strong is exciting because this will give the digital nomad many options to choose from when working. This surely makes working more exciting due to constantly changing your work location. The cost of living also sounds very affordable for the average digital nomad, making it even more enticing. Overall, I really enjoyed the information you presented and look forward to reading future articles of yours. Cheers!

    • Cristina Thomas for Sayulita Insider

      Honestly, the local provider is not very good here but as we said, Casa Vecino is a digital nomad apartment rental and they have a different router/wifi connection. Get in touch when you visit and we’ll see what we can do to host you!

  3. Alice Mola

    I have to admit the term “gringo” prices made me laugh! It looks like a beautiful place, I think you won me over with the words ‘tacos start at $1.57’. Consider my bags packed.

  4. Agnes

    Great article, I would like to start a nomadic life, and we are considering Mexico with my partner. It is excellent how you described Sayulit exactly. It’s great that you show sample prices. But the most crucial thing in remote work is internet speed. It is essential for us. We can’t work from the cafe or co-work space. So, I hope you can connect a fast internet in the apartment.

  5. Linda (LD Holland)

    Right now as we start to head into the colder months in Canada, I would love to be a digital nomad in a place like Sayulita! It looks like an affordable spot. With a great beach. Good to know there are also places with good wifi. Maybe when the snow flies here!

  6. Umiko

    I’m not a digital nomad, but sounds like Sayulita is a wonderful place, especially if you don’t have children. A place for work and relaxation for sure. Reading about the food makes hungry, especially the fresh seafood. And yes, prices seem reasonable.

  7. Harshita

    Did not know too much about this place until I read this post! Gosh now that is what paradise looks like. Those were some really neat work desks the one right on the beach and the other on the swing! Already dreaming of being here, keeping this place in my mind for future travels. I absolutely love sailing, snorkeling, cycling and Mexican food is the biggest weakness, so this place seems perfect.

  8. Yukti Agrawal

    It is good to know that Sayulita is becoming a popular destination for those living a digital nomad lifestyle. I would really love to have my work life near those blue waters and I got so much tempted by seeing your work near the blue sea with a cup of tea or coffee. Good to know this place is diverse as I love people from all over the world with different cultures. I agree for living a digital nomad life, affordability is the key feature to look out.

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