When you think about Mexico, you will never incorporate it as a country that offers vegetarian food. Mexicans eat lots of meat but through the years, we are happy to share to you that the vegetarian scene in Mexico has immensely improved, most especially in Sayulita

Most visitors coming to Sayulita are yogis or surfers. Our town is known for holistic and wellness activities which makes many health practitioners based themselves here. Most restaurants have vegetarian food but here are our favorites!

#1: Organi-k

One of the most iconic restaurants in Sayulita as it is located by the bridge. You won’t miss them! You will often see this place packed with people lining up outside. It’s a very common takeaway counter.

Organik has lots of bowls, smoothies, and rice bowls that are filling. They use organic ingredients for everything on their menu. We’re giving Organik a little bit of a plus since they only use biodegradable materials. They are one of the most sustainable businesses in town.

#2: Achara Thai

This is the only Thai restaurant in Sayulita so if you get tired of Mexican food, try Achara! Okay, here’s the deal: when you look at Achara’s menu, you will not actually find a vegetarian menu. The best thing about these guys is that they let you customize your order.

For example, if you order a pad Thai (normally has shrimp and chicken), you can tell them to replace these meats with any vegetable available. When we go here, we always ask to replace the proteins with tofu. They will do everything to give you a spectacular vegetarian dining experience!

#3: Mary’s

Street tacos are very popular in Sayulita but we are very proud to tell you that we have a vegetarian taqueria in town! Mary’s came up with a very cool vegetarian tacos menu and they’re the only one who does this in town.

We are quite amazed by their taco selection: rajas and elote are some of our favorites. They are also our favorite vegetarian caterers for our events! One time, they personalized a vegetarian mole sauce for us – they’re really amazing!

#4: The Anchor

We particularly love the Anchor because of its location – it is very private. Situated on Gringo Hill, the Anchor’s menu is packed with vegetarian and vegan options.

The Anchor is not only the best place for vegetarian food in Sayulita but also a great spot for digital nomads. They have fiber-optic wifi and the place is quiet so if you need to do some work calls and eat at the same time, this is your place!

#5: Orangy

Some vegetarians are okay with liquid diet. Believe us, most of us are vegetarians and we find smoothies really filling! For this, our go-to place is Orangy as their menu is very straight to the point – it’s all just smoothies!

Mind you, these are not your regular smoothies though. They are packed with proteins, vitamins, and healthy ingredients that are sufficient for your 2-hour surf session. Orangy is a local family-run smoothie bar and their staff are very friendly. Please make sure to tip!

Are you a vegetarian? What are your challenges when traveling to other countries as a vegetarian? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment box below!


  1. Bryan

    I’m not vegetarian, but one of my teenage girls is vegetarian, soo to be vegan. It is a challenge to find places to eat when we travel- we often rely on blogs like yours to guide the way!

  2. Elizabeth O

    I have a vegetarian friend, and she is constantly lamenting how hard it is to travel as a vegetarian. Meat tends to be the star of the show at most restaurants, and that makes it hard.

  3. yudith napitupulu

    I am not vegetarian but I like vegetarian food. I know Sayulita is a great place for vegetarians!

  4. Emily Fata

    This is exactly where I would be eating! I love finding new and exciting vegan restaurants to try out. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Steven Morrissette

    They look all yummy. My favorite would probably be Organi-k.

  6. Emman Damian

    Organi-k seems like my food of choice at the list above. I can’t wait to eat that. Hope I can travel soon after pandemic.

  7. Autumn Murray

    All of the delicious-looking food makes me want to become a vegetarian! I have so many friends that have improved their health by becoming vegan.

  8. Sayed Williams

    All the foods look delicious and healthy. I’ll try it out within the next month. I love such colorful dishes to experiment with.

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