where to eat in Sayulita

This month on the blog we are unveiling some of Sayulita’s local favorites around town! We’ve put together a list of some restaurants and bars we think you shouldn’t miss during your visit to Sayulita. But don’t just take our word for it, go try some of these places and let us know which were your favorites!

Favorite Breakfast Spot: Yah Yah Cafe

There’s a ton of delicious places to get breakfast in Sayulita but Yah Yah’s seems to always hit the spot. The prices are great and the portion sizes are huge! Yah Yah’s carries a variety of specialty coffees and has knowledgeable friendly staff, I’ve always had good experiences dining here. There’s also a small work area upstairs so if you’re a digital nomad this is a good spot to know. Miscelanea Cafe is a VERY close second and you should check them out for coffee and breakfast too!

Favorite Pizza: La Rustica

La Rustica’s central location puts it in the spotlight and rightfully so. Rustica’s wood fired pizza is made with fresh, quality, local ingredients and is consistently on point. Rustica’s menu includes some excellent salads and pastas as well, but pizza is where they shine through.

Favorite Pasta: Marcolino 

where to eat in Sayulita

Marcolino’s handmade pasta is heavenly. This is the place to let go of your bikini diet for a night and indulge. The first time I came to Sayulita I came here two nights in a row because it was just that good. Now that I live here and (try) to eat low carb this is my go-to ‘treat yo self’ dinner. 

Casa Vecino recommends: gnocchi or any of the filled ravioli.

Favorite Mexican Cuisine: Mary’s

where to eat in Sayulita

Ask any local what their favorite Mexican restaurant in town is and the majority of people will answer Mary’s with out hesitation. I am never disappointed and it’s always worth having some patience for (there is usually a long wait to get a table). 

Casa Vecino recommends: Any of the specialty tacos, the Sayulita taco specifically, or anything with shrimp on it! Something about the way they do shrimp here is incomparable. Don’t come to Sayulita and skip this place.

Favorite Lunch Spot: El Itacate

We have so many great things to say about Itacate, definitely try to stop by here! The owner and all his staff are so friendly and truly committed to the restaurant, every plate is made with love and served with some of the best customer service in town. Their specialty is the Itacate, a burrito made from cheese instead of a tortilla, yes, really. It’s amazing. Their steak and carnitas tacos are also fantastic. 

Casa Vecino tip: portion sizes are huge so order accordingly.  

Favorite Street Tacos: Tacos Huichos

Street tacos are a touchy subject because everyone has their own taco stand they stay loyal to, this is mine. If you’ve never had a pastor taco before you have no idea what you’ve been missing your whole life. I could probably do an entire blog on my love for the pastor taco. Pastor is marinated pork (every stand has their own special recipe) usually some combination of chilies, spices, and pineapple. This magical meat is then grilled on a shwarma streetside topped with onions, cilantro, pinã and the salsa of your choice. 

Casa Vecino recommends:

  • Pastor tacos are best eaten standing drunk in the street after 10pm.
  • Tacos Huichos does typically run out earlier than other stands in town so try to hit this one earlier in the night if you wanna try the local’s favorite spot.
  • Get 2 classic tacos de pastor or I order what’s called a “gringa” which is a flour tortilla instead of corn with grilled cheese (basically a small quesadilla).
  • Wash/sanitize your hands to avoid getting Mexicuted.

Favorite Burger: Public House

Public house gets my vote for best burger although opinions are pretty split on this one. Public house wins me over for two reasons: one, they have the beyond meat burger which is a rare thing to find in Mexico. Two, good blu cheese (also rare in Mexico), which is my burger topping of choice. Public House also has a great central location and a newly remodeled second floor with a great view of the plaza. 

Favorite Margarita & Favorite Bar Atmosphere: Le Zouave

Le Zouave strays from the classic lime and salt margarita to some more creative combos. My personal favorite is mandarin mint, grapefruit mint is a very close runner up. The orange ginger margarita is also a crowd favorite, maybe because it gives the illusion you’re making a healthy decision while you sip your tequila. Zouave’s romantic bohemian vibe is the perfect place to take a date for drinks or unwind with girlfriends.

Favorite Craft Cocktails: Cava

Cava is located right next to Le Zouave and the two go hand in hand for a dreamy mezcal filled Sayulita night out. This spot may look like a small hole in the wall from the outside but they shake up some of the best cocktails in town. After a long day of downing Pacifico on the beach change it up with a cocktail, pull up a barstool or relax on one of the back couches to a stellar playlist at Cava.

Favorite OVERALL Everything Restaurant: Tierra Viva

Tierra Viva is a my personal favorite in Sayulita and they’ve won over most other local’s for their number one spot as well. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner you will find something mouth watering on the menu here. My recommendations: the eggs benedict for breakfast, sushi for lunch, and the catch of the day for dinner. Tierra viva has one thing that many other restaurants in town lack: consistency. The service is always terrific, the food well executed, and the owner is generally in house chatting with diners, showing true commitment to the success of the restaurant.

Honorable Mentions

  • Favorite Place to watch the Sunset: Las Sirenas Beach Bar
  • Favorite Rooftop Bar: Hotel Mar
  • Favorite Place to People Watch: Barillito
  • Best Sandwich: Reuben’s
  • Favorite Happy Hour: Matiz
  • Hidden gem: The Churro Guy, located just across the bridge from central Sayulita to the northside
  • The Hangover Cure:  Alquemista Cafe‘s Jugo de Carne (Weekends Only)

What can you add to our where to eat in Sayulita list? What’s your favorite? Leave your tips in the comment box below!

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